Welcome to Signature Joe’s Fundraising

We our passionate about helping groups achieve their goals; big, small and anywhere in between. Our fully customizable program has been designed with you in mind. Just pick what works for you. It’s all about simplicity, quality, profitability.


– We want you to put your signature on your event. This is why you decide whether you host a traditional fundraiser, a strictly online charity event or something in between. No matter what you choose, we make it as simple as possible for you. We understand you don’t want a Signature Joe charity event hosted by you. It’s your event leveraging personalized Signature Joe coffees, sipping chocolates, and chocolate covered espresso beans.


– Signature Joe uses only specialty grade Arabica coffees. Signature Joe doesn’t roast your order until you’ve placed it. No stale coffee here! (Click here to learn more about how and why we do things.) Our sipping chocolates are blended using chocolates from the Guittard Chocolate Company who has been making artisanal chocolate for over 145 years.


– You will make money selling Signature Joe coffees and sipping chocolates